Driving in the sand!

The BP-1 Lunar regolith simulant is a very interesting thing. Last year, we had some difficulty driving in due to the fact that our motors were under powered. This year, we have been doing extensive testing in the sand pits at ASU and believe that we will have adequate power to navigate in the LunArena! Here is a first person view video of the robot driving in the sand!

ASU Lunabotics Tech Demo

As part of the competition requirements, each team must submit a technical demonstration video to be reviewed by the judges. This ensures teams are making satisfactory progress and allows the judges an opportunity to take a look at a full operational cycle of the robots. Here is the video we submitted for this requirement, let us know what you think in the comments!


Welcome to the website of the ASU Lunabotics team!  We are a group of students at Arizona State University, sponsored by the School of Earth and Space Exploration, competing in the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition in May at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  This website is dedicated to giving you and the world updates on our progress as we build and develop our lunar mining rover.  Share it with your friends and follow along!


The above image shows the original mock-up of our rover.  In the background stands the two student leaders of our team, Jim Crowell (left) and Ben Stinnett (right).

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